Vehicle Protection $349

Paint Protection


$349* - Car Pro “Cquartz” Ceramic Paint Protection

$549* - Swissvax Endurance PTFE Infused Carnauba Wax Protection

$330  - 22PLE Silica VX3 Glass Coating

$880   - 22PLE Silica VX2 Pro Glass Coating

$1,249 - 22PLE Silica Mystico Elemento Glass Coating

$1,495 - Modesta Advanced Liquid Glass Protection (BC-03, BC-05)

$1,495 - Modesta BC-04 Advanced Nano-Titanium Coating

$2,495 - Modesta Paul Dalton's "Private Label" Bi-Layered Glass Protection 

*Price includes application to vehicle body only

Wheel Protection


$55 - Swissvax Autobahn Wheel Wax (Carnauba) infused with PTFE Teflon

$250 - Modesta BC-06 Silica Film heat proof up to 1,300 °C
*Price includes application to wheels only

Leather Protection

$250 - Swissvax Leather Glaze & Swissvax Leather Milk Treatment
*Price includes application to small/medium vehicles

Fabric/Carpet Upholstery


$250 - Swissvax Lotus Protectant 

$250 - Nanolex Textile & Leather Premium Sealant
*Price includes application to Fabric Convertible Roof OR Carpet Upholstery

Glass Protection

$150 - Nanolex Premium Glass Sealant
*Price includes application to "standard" sedan exterior glass only - Preparation, Sunroof's & Large Cars may require ancillary charges